Theme Configuration

These values are inside your toml config file.

HTML is available.

navbar_title = "Monochrome" # default: site's `title`

HTML is available.

footer = "Copyright © 2021 by kaiiiz" # default: None

Table of Contents

TOC global settings.

enable_toc = true # default: true

Collapsible Menu

Collapsible global settings.

enable_collapsible_toc = false # default: false
enable_collapsible_changelogs = false # default: false

Monochrome uses built-in menu system supported by hugo itself. (Checkout document for more deatil.) By default, the menu called navbar is used to decide which item need to be rendered on the navbar.

So you can simply add the following code to your page front-matter, and the menu info will be handled by hugo out of the box. (simple method mentioned in document)

menu: navbar

Also, weighted value is supported out of the box, you can explicit assign the weight of the navbar entry, hugo will first sort the menu using weight, if there has two entries shared the same weight, the default order will be applied.

    weight: -99

If you try to put entry that aren’t attached to a piece of content, or you want to organize your navbar into a single file, checkout Add Non-content Entries to a Menu or Configuration file of demo site and set these values in your toml settings file.

toml example:

identifier = "about"
name = "about"
title = "about"
url = "/about/"
weight = 100

identifier = "series"
name = "series"
url = "/series/"
weight = -100

identifier = "categories"
name = "categories"
url = "/categories/"
weight = 80

yaml example:

  - identifier: about
    name: about
    title: about
    url: /about/
    weight: 100
  - identifier: series
    name: series
    url: /series/
    weight: -100
  - identifier: categories
    name: categories
    url: /categories/
    weight: 80

List Layout

  enable_group_by_year = true # default: true
  enable_show_date = true # default: true
  enable_pagination = false # default: false

External Library


Use $ to create inline result, $$ to create block result.

enable_math = true # default: false


Zooming.js global setting.

enable_zooming_js = false # default: true

Add the following settings to config.toml:

home = ["HTML", "RSS", "JSON"]

Enable site search

enable_site_search = true # default: false

Syntax Highlighting

Using Chroma (server-side)

See Syntax Highlighting for more details.

  lib = "builtin" # "builtin" | "prism.js" (default: "builtin")
    enable_code_copy = true # default: true

Using Prism.js (client-side)

Disable markup highlight feature

codeFences = false
lineNos = false

Enable Prism.js

  lib = "prism.js" # "builtin" | "prism.js" (default: "builtin")
    enable_code_copy = true # default: true
    enable_line_no = true # default: true



author = "kaiiiz" # default: no author `meta` tag

Open Graph

A flag to render open graph internal template. See Open Graph for additional settings.

enable_open_graph = false # default: true

Twitter Cards

A flag to render open twitter cards template. See Twitter Cards for additional settings.

enable_twitter_cards = false # default: true

Custom CSS

You can override the default styles by creating a new /static/user.css file.

Default Color Scheme

You can set the default color scheme for your website

color_scheme = "dark" # "light" or "dark"

default: “light”