This document shows a brief guide to setup hugo-theme-monochrome in your hugo project.

Quick Start

Install Hugo

You need “extended” version of hugo to support SASS. Checkout Install Hugo for more details.

Take Linux for example:

snap install hugo --channel=extended

The minimum hugo version that hugo-theme-monochrome required is 0.80.0

Create a New Site

hugo new site <project name>

Add a Theme

cd <project name>
git init
git submodule add themes/hugo-theme-monochrome

Then add theme = "hugo-theme-monochrome" to your config.toml

Customize the Theme

See Configuration.

Start the Hugo server

hugo server

Minify CSS and JS resources. The minifier of JavaScript here is powered by ESBuild.

hugo server --environment production

Build static pages

Generate files to /public folder, --minify option can minify other resouces (e.g. HTML/XML/JSON…).

See Configure Minify to adjust the behavior of hugo minifier (powered by minify).

hugo --environment production --minify


Push /public folder to your server. This site is built by using Github Action and Github Pages. The CI script is available here.

Run exampleSite

git clone
cd hugo-theme-monochrome/exampleSite
hugo --themesDir=../.. server